Thursday, March 24, 2005

What is Free Thinking?
I always love to talk to people who call themselves free thinkers. Free thinkers are very much different from agnostics and atheists. If u try to talk to agnostics about God, they would either go away, or fell asleep. If you try the same thing with atheists, you might end up having an out-of-hand situation with them. But free thinkers…they are always willing to listen and share their ideas. Maybe because most free thinkers, if not all, are used to believe in God, regardless of how they use to define God (either the Islamic, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism etc way).
Now, I would like to ask my free thinker friends-What does free thinking means? Since u claim to be a free thinker, and I am not, I assume that u know what the term means. But, if u are not clear with my question, let me help u to clear it out.
As far as the English language is concern, the word ‘free’ is a dependant adjective. Meaning that, if you say u are ‘free’, I can ask u-“Free of what?” Jail, charge, colonization, or your girl/boyfriend? When u say u are ‘free’, u must be free of /from ‘something’. Just like the adjective ‘clean’; when u say u are clean, u have to specify-“clean of what?” Dirt, sin?
This is not true for adjectives like ‘beautiful’ and ‘clever’, because we can’t ask “beautiful of what?”, or “clever of what?”
For free thinkers, I believe that, it is not them (the free thinkers themselves) who is free, but their thinking. So I’m asking my free thinker friends-What are their thinking free from? Now, I don’t claim myself to be a free thinker. That can mean, either I can’t think freely, or I don’t think at all. But one thing I know-I do think! So this means that I am a non-free thinker. This also mean that my thinking is ‘jailed’, or bound to something. What is this something?
But, there is another meaning to the word free, and that is ‘open’. This means that, when u say u are a free thinker, u are saying that u are an open thinker. Since I am a non-free thinker, that also mean that I’m a close thinker. What is closing my thinking?
These questions might be concerning me (What is closing MY thinking?, what is that something that is bounding MY thinking), so u might thought that I myself should think of the answers, but u have to remember that those questions arise as an implication of the term created by free thinkers-FREE THINKING. Meaning, if the free thinkers didn’t come up with the term FREE THINKING, I won’t come up with these questions. So, I think it is fair for me to ask the free thinkers for answers.
So far, we were only dealing with the first part of the term free thinking, which is FREE. Now, let’s take a look at the second part of the statement, and that is THINKING. I would like to ask the free thinkers; this word ‘thinking’ in the term, does it focus on certain subject(s) to think about, or does it mean all subject that can be think of? Again, my question might not be clear, so I shall help the free thinkers to clear it out.
Ok, if u say u are thinking, I can ask u “what are u thinking about?” u can think about a lot of things-creation, science, maths, your mum, your girlfriend, what u like to have for dinner…etc. These things that u can thing about are what I like to call subjects. So, what I like to know is, does the word ‘thinking’ in the term free thinking only concern on certain subject(s), or does it concern on all subjects?
I hope any free thinker friend of mine can give me an answer.

(Ahmad cilok dari

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