Friday, July 01, 2005

“Born Here” – A rap by Tamer Nafar and the DAM crew
English Translation


This is a hunting season the prey is one more home
Of a dove trying to survive under the hawk’s regime
(*page ripped*) lets try something more optimistic:
each day I wake up and see like a 1000 cops
maybe they came to arrest a dealer…(he’s ever here, over here, oh no
they came to destroy his neighbor’s home)
what is happening here? A hate bubble surrounding the ghetto
why is it hard for him? And who’s going to answer him? Anywhere
I go, excuses are there to greet me
I broke the law? No no the law broke me
enough, enough (enough, enough) gentlemen (gentlemen)
 I was born here, my grandparents were also born here, you will not sever me
From my roots (you will not sever me from my roots) understand, even if
I have faith in this “if you wish it is not a legend” regime
You still haven’t allowed me to build a porch to stand on and express it



Our neighborhood is embarrassed
Not dressed in a silk dress
(DAM – if the fear will continue to live in our hearts)
a bride without a veil
standing, waiting, longing for her beauty
(DAM – the expulsion is knocking on our doors)
the time has passed over her, forgotten her
(DAM – that is why)
the separation wall has muted her hope
like a bird that will break out of the cage
she will spread out her wings and fly
(DAM – we will shout without fear)


Here I build my home and here you have destroyed my home
And if this is not legal what about yours, my cousin?!.
I’m trying to build a home and what is build for me is found
In – do re mi or will be found in a place with lots
Of people with promises that will be the light at the end of the tunnel
but that is just  a bulldozer or another train running over
(* a train siren*) no no in this song there is no censorship
there is a sewerage, railway track, call it architecture
and add to it white pepper
and what will be sneezed from it is a loaded gun
and – all the things I’ve said have been given a voice and –
there are the people who stand in line that –
they have difficulty in their smile and a smile in the difficulty
and as long as this difficulty is within us know that this is a rope too
tangled, “this is not racism, this is Zionism”
enough this is not ignorance this is fortification in ignorance



our neighborhood is embarrassed…

our eyes watch as our children seeking
a future that in it “the sky are the limit”
a slogan that has been covered with the ruins dust
but’ the light hasn’t been turned off yet


a destroyed house and in the garden 8 railway tracks
and in the day at least 200 trains pass
and  behind the ruins, a separation wall
that should be between the house and the railroad tracks
but it is built between Snir and Nir Tzvi
and the municipality says that everything there is illegal
so, just one second, one second
what with all the legal neighborhoods that has
health care centers – surrounded with sewerage
kindergarten – surrounded with sewerage
for that there is no excuse it’s just that the city didn’t care for the Arabs
because the government has a wish:
maximum Jews – on maximum land
minimum Arabs – on minimum land
this house didn’t get approved by the law
and you will not erase!

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