Friday, May 11, 2007

A poem for the westernised Muslim

Stained by the illogical
Forgot about reality
The Inevitable
will come
But we are too dreamy
In our fantasies
And I am struggling
To be strong footed
To be rooted on the way
shown to me from The Wise
But man is swayed
towards the promised lies
from his enemy
But what was meant to be
remains to be
Thank you foolish dreams
Thank you creative minds!
Cos we thought we knew ourselves
By listening to the voices
Oh... the voices
Beautiful voices
Or so it seems
Thus beware
Many will not even dare
to gaze at the Fire
Whatmore to taste its infinite torture
Its heat and its foul-smells of nightmares
So beware
If you care
Put out the flares
of the beautiful voices
Do not be careless
of the realities
and the true promise
that will come to pass
Again, but what do you believe?
If only you believe!
Or have you forgotten
Or have you been deceived
Hey, who is your master?
O Muslim!
Is it just a name?
Is it just a game?
Is the Oath just a mask of your soul?
Your final goal, is nothing but small
if Allah is not what you call
And among the losers you'll become
For the truth will come
And nothing runs
From the laws that govern
this life and beyond
And from whom is it from?
o muslim....
So beware
If you care
Put out the flares
of the beautiful voices!

Album:Revolusi Pejuang Sejati

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