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Lagu SYAHID (versi Komposer:Enai)
Versi TULANG juga telah dirakamkan beberapa bulan nan lepas.

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Syahid (4'19")
Written & Arranged by: Jenal Zulia

Permaisuriku, dengarlah
Lagu ku tulis untukmu
Mungkin saat..
Kau mendengar lagu ini
Aku (telah) pulang ke sisi-Nya
Mungkin saat ini
Ku berada di syurga...
Usahlah kau menanti
Pergi ku tak kembali
Usahlah kau tangisi
Doamu di sisi

Kekasih ku yang satu
Sayangilah dia untukku

Maafkanlah diriku
Pergi tanpa relamu
Doakanlah untukku
Tempatku di sisi-Nya
Recorded at Kings Studio (Matahati) by Faizal aka 'Mamak Kings'.
Mixed at Studio 2105 by JD (Pop Shuvit)
Mastered at Sonique Productions by Nick Lee
Produced by : TuLanG


Syahid is the first song to record as our first single. The song is a mid-tempo ballad rock, which in our opinion is the most commercial and radio-friendly song we have. Soon after the recording, we will 'urge' mainstreams radio station to play the song, with a view to be hit. Insya-Allah. Amin.
Usahlah kau menanti,pergiku tak kembali,
Usahlah kau tangisi,doamu di sisi
The lyric inspired when Ken & Jaja's cousin, who also my friend, (arwah) Muzamil, was in coma for 2 days. Technically, he was still alive at the time, thanks to the life supporting machine, keep his heart pumping.
Soulfully, we all knew he was not there anymore.
Fatal accident took place in his workplace (factory in Rawang), where he falls from 3-meter high, after his unconscious (due to over-work and over-exhausted).
His head hit the ground first. As a result, a fatal damage on his brain. He was believed 'gone' at the point of accident.
Maafkanlah diriku,pergi tanpa relamu,
Doakanlah untukku, tempatku di sisi-Nya
What touches me the most was the arwah's sister, Aimi (see my featured friends list). While waiting in the hospital, she was the most optimist among all, keep telling us ;
"temperature badan dia dah naik sikit"
"badan dia ada gerak sikit-skit"
"makin panas badan dia"
"tak lama lagi, sedar la tu"
"kalau kita bisik kat telinga dia, dia dengar tu"
I couldn't stand anymore. It was so sweet. It was devastating. Knewing what was the end gonna be..
Oh Tuhanku, lindungilah kekasihku yang satu,
Sayangilah dia untukku
The song is specially dedicated to her. From him.
Ahmad Muzamil bin Ahmad Hamidee ;1979-2004

Jenal Zulia

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