Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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moga ia bermanfat.

A seminar leader was trying to impress the participants on the importance of getting life's priorities sorted. He placed a glass jar in front of everyone and proceeded to fill it with fist-sized rocks of larger. When he could put no more rocks into the jar, he paused to ask: "Is the jar full?"

Someone answered: "No. You can put in stones"

He started to fill the spaces with stones, until again, no more stones could be added without breaking the jar. He asked again: "Is the jar full?"

Another person answered: "No. You can pour sand in"

So, he emptied an entire bag of sand into the jar till all the space in the jar settled in and no more sand could be added. He stopped to ask: "Is the jar full?"

After a long hesitation, a woman called out: "No. You can add water."

The instructor poured water in until it overflowed. Finally, with a smile he asked: "Is the jar full?"

"Looks like it" came the reply.

The instructor raised the query: "What's the moral of this exercise?"

The answers were:
"Bigger things go first. There's a certain sequence in life." Prioritize your life.
"If your goal is only filling up water, just pour water." What do you really want in life?
"You can put in more than you think." You can expand your thinking.
"How much of each do you care for?" Life is a choice.
"Take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves." Focus on what is important.
"Make full use of what you have." How to reach your fullest potential?
"If you don't have big things, small things become big." Be happy of yourself.
"Get a bigger jar." Can you enlarge your life? These are pretty good answers.

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